Careers Advice

Careers education and guidance aims to prepare young people for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult and working life. It equips them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes for managing their lifelong progress in learning and work.


Teachers involved in careers education and guidance have a responsibility to act within an explicit ethical framework which promotes equality of opportunity and puts the needs of young people first. Teachers also need to work in partnership with parents and carers, guidance and support agencies and providers of opportunities in education, training and work.



Careers education and guidance is a whole school issue: Mrs Cath Howard is the Careers Coordinator but all staff contribute to the programme in some way. Subject teachers are encouraged to include information about career opportunities in their lessons; form tutors provide help as required and Mrs Killen and the sixth form tutors provide much support and advice to sixth form students. ISCO play a major role in supporting advice given to all pupils and their parents. Mrs Howard oversees the display of careers material in the Learning Resource Centre and helps to maintain an up to date supply of material.


Choosing A Level Subjects

The Russell Group’s guide Informed Choices provides students with information, advice and guidance about their post-16 subject choices. Year 11 parents can download the guide here.


Choosing where to go next: Unifrog

All of our students have access to Unifrog, an online destinations platform that allows them to explore every university course, apprenticeship and college course in the UK plus other opportunities around the world such as European and US undergraduate courses. Students can make applications using Unifrog and receive feedback from teachers along the way.