Fee Structure 2-4 years


Deposit and registration

In order to secure a place for your child, a non-refundable £40.00 registration fee is payable, together with a £60.00 deposit.  The deposit will be refunded against the first month’s fees. It will not be refunded if the place is not taken.

Payment of fees

All fees are paid termly and an invoice will be sent from the Accounts Office. Extra sessions will be invoiced monthly in arrears.

Full fees are payable all year for 51 weeks not including Bank Holidays and the period between Christmas and New Year when we are closed.


Notice period

In the unlikely event that you would wish to withdraw your child from the Early Years Department, one month’s notice is required.

Items included within fees

Fees include snacks, meals and nappies or pull-ups when toilet training.

Mid-morning snack consists of toast and milk.*

Lunch & Afternoon Tea menus are available on our website and can be asked for on your tour of our setting.

* Drinks of water are provided throughout the day.

Fees 2-3 years:

Full Week £ 256.00
Full Day (8am - 6pm) £ 52.00

Morning (8am - 1pm)

(Includes mid-morning snack and lunch)

£ 30.25

Afternoon (1pm - 6pm)

(Includes afternoon tea)

£ 27.75


Fees 3-4 years:

Full Week £ 252.00
Full Day (8am - 6pm) £ 51.25

Morning (8am - 1pm)

(Includes mid-morning snack and lunch)

£ 28.75

Afternoon (1pm - 6pm)

(Includes afternoon tea)

£ 26.25