New Forestry Area

Posted on 01 May 2015

Children and staff at Bright Sparks have been celebrating the opening of a tree-mendous new facility.

The Early Years department has redeveloped part of its site to create a new forestry area for the children.

The project was delivered by Site Manager John Aitchison, who was invited to perform the official opening ceremony by Head of Early Years, Alice Haigh.

The new area has been designed to give pupils more experience of ‘green’ activities and includes an outdoor kitchen, log piles, wind chimes and even a small bridge.

Over time the plan is to enhance the Bright Sparks wood further with the addition of a duck pond and a fairy tale play house.

The children will also be able to watch how the changing seasons impact on the forestry area in terms of its appearance, wildlife and plants.

Alice Haigh commented: “This is a very exciting new resource which will enable our children to get much more hands-on with nature."

“We are very grateful to John for all his hard work on the project which has transformed a little-used part of our site into a very useful new facility."

“It’s already proving hugely popular with our children, and the great thing is that it will change throughout the year so there will always be something new for them to see.”