St. Mary’s College praised as ‘outstanding’ by Liverpool’s Catholic authorities.

Posted on 24 Mar 2016

St. Mary’s College has been hailed as an ‘outstanding’ school in a new report by Liverpool’s Catholic authorities.

Christian Education Department inspectors from the Archdiocese of Liverpool gave St. Mary’s an ‘outstanding’ rating in seven of the nine categories they assess, and judged the school to be ‘good with outstanding features’ in the remaining two.

According to the report, the two key aspects of St. Mary’s success are the way the school fosters high levels of academic achievement, while also encouraging the spiritual and moral development of its pupils and the serving of others.

However, many other features of life at St. Mary’s are singled out for praise by the inspectors in the report which has a particular focus on the quality of religious education. They say that pupils regard the school as an inclusive community based on mutual respect, a place where they are accepted as individuals, without judgement. Students also believe they are encouraged to develop their talents and make the right choices in life by staff whom they regard as ‘role models’.

Meanwhile, inspectors believe that students are ‘thoroughly motivated’ and that they demonstrate the ‘highest standards of behaviour’. They are also ‘committed to making full use of their lessons’ with a ‘sense of purpose’ and an ‘emphasis on every minute counting’. The document says that all this adds up to a diligent approach which is reflected in the school’s excellent A-level and GCSE results each year.

Elsewhere in the report, teachers are praised for lessons including ‘highly challenging tasks’ which are described as ‘creative and motivational’. And St. Mary’s governors, leaders and managers are also recognised for the ongoing way they plan and implement improvements to enhance pupils’ achievements.

Commenting on the report Principal, Mike Kennedy, said: “Everyone involved with the school is delighted that we have received such warm praise from the Archdiocesan inspectors.

“We believe it emphasises the success of our twin-track approach which is to focus on the importance of academic excellence, while at the same time encouraging development of the whole person through achievement in a wide range of other challenging and meaningful activities.”

Mr Kennedy also pointed out that while around two thirds of pupils at St. Mary’s are Catholics, the college also welcomes children of other faiths or none, and that their contribution to the school’s spiritual and moral life is equally valued.

The publication of the Archdiocese report follows hot on the heels of a new Sunday Times survey which says that the availability of excellent schools like St. Mary’s helps to make Crosby one of the best places to live in the North West.

Please click on the link below to access a copy of the inspection report:

St. Marys College Crosby Diocesan Inspection Report March 2016