House System

St. Mary’s College is proud to operate a house system, which has the following benefits:

  • It aids a caring, supportive environment; each student becomes a valued member of a small ‘family unit’ within a larger ‘family’ within the whole school.
  • Encourages respect, consideration and courtesy.
  • Creates positive self-esteem amongst students and value of the ethos of the school community.
  • Builds an individual’s strengths within a group and bonds with other students of all ages.
  • Encourages peer support to combat bullying.
  • Promotes the ‘Student Voice’, Student Responsibility, Team skills, Leadership skills and Co-operation.
  • Encourages extra-curricular activities which enrich, broaden and round off the experience of our students.
  • Develops personal and social skills and well-being.


There are four houses:              

  • Leahy - named after Brother Leahy, the first Headteacher.
  • Lourdes - Our lady is our Patron and we have a close affiliation to Lourdes through the Easter pilgrimage.
  • Rice - named after Edmund Rice who founded the first Christian Brother school.
  • Ryan - named after Brother Ryan, the last Christian Brother Headteacher.


Year 7 pupils are allocated to a house before they arrive in September. Members of the same family are allocated to the same house.

Pupils can apply to be House Captains. There are two House Captains per house, per year group (one male and one female) in Years 7 to 12.

Pupils can collect house points for excellent academic work, for participation and for extra-curricular involvement.