School Nutrition Action Group


At St. Mary's College Preparatory School we are keen to ensure our pupils live happy, healthy and active lives and realise the importance of educating them in eating nutritious food, as well as teaching where food comes from and how it is grown, cooked and experienced. The School Nutrition Action Group, made up of members of the senior management team, a Governor, parents, teachers, catering and support staff focuses on more than just food on the plate and goes beyond school lunches. Following a review of food culture in school and after consulting with parents and pupils, the Group came up with an Action Plan to ensure a whole school approach to food was implented and postive changes made. It is now working towards the Food for Life Partnership Gold Award, which is a national programme that aims to encourage a lasting and sustainable change to the way we all think about food, our communities, our environment and our health.

The Award criteria covers:-

  • School Food Culture
  • Food Education
  • Food Quality
  • Community and Partnerships