Football, Rugby and Cricket


St. Mary's College Preparatory School have a very active football team that play fixtures throughout the school year. The team consists of children from Years 4 - 6 and is picked based on ability. We are pleased to say that we compete against larger schools than our own and indeed finished second in the league we are entered in to. 

We also play addditional fixtures that allows boys in Years 2 and 3 to experience competitive matches and these fixtures are arranged by our Head of Boys Games, Mr Cooke. All of the football at St. Mary's College Preparatory School is inclusive and should there be girls that are of the ability to represent the school then they will be selected.

Football skills is a part of the PE scheme of work that all year groups follow from Reception to Year 6 and the children's development is tracked by each year group teacher and is monitored by Mr Cooke at regular points throughout the school year. 



Rugby is a long standing tradition at St. Mary's and the Preparatory School still views it as a priority in terms of sporting fixtures. Children have the opportunity to learn basic skills in rugby from Reception and develop these through to Year 6. Some of our reception children attend Rugby Tots classes on a Saturday morning (see Useful Links) and this has a great impact on their develoment.

Rugby teaches discipline and self control whilst looking to imporove basic skills such as hand eye co-ordination and spatial awareness. It is for this reason that we view it as a key sport in the life of a St. Mary's College Preparatory School child. As with football, rugby is inclusive at primary age and so any girls who show an interest in the game are encouraged and can be selected for the school team.

We attend numerous tournaments throughout the year and will often play much larger schools than our own as this gives the children an excellent challenge that they can learn life skills from.