Day Trips


Getting children out of the classroom to experience learning in different environments is key to development and with that in mind each year group at St. Mary's College Preparatory School will go on one day trip per term that is linked to their class based studies. These trips can change on a yearly basis as they often link to 'theme' sessions that are developed with the children's interests in mind. 

Examples of trips:


Build - A - Bear

The Reception class had been doing a whole topic on Paddington Bear and took a trip to Build - A - Bear to create their own special bears. They did a huge amount of Literacy work based around story writing and used these stories during the day. 

Year 1

The Farm

Linked to their theme of healthy living and seeing how food produce is a cycle from field to fork. This was an excellent experience for the children when thinking about sustainability and a truly healthy lifestyle.

Year 2

Maritime Museum

The class had been looking at the theme of ‘Pirates’ and this was an opportunity for the children to make a real link to life at sea. They made links between the stories they hear about pirates and how life at sea might really be.

Year 3

Dewa Experience

The children had been studying The Romans and they thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to see ‘real’ artefacts and hear stories from experts in this field. The children also felt just how heavy some of the Roman armour that they marched for 20 miles a day in was!  

Year 4

Imperial War Museum

Year 4 had been studying the theme of World War 1. The used role play to think about the jobs around this time, wrote letters as soldiers and also all wrote a prayer of remembrance for the soldiers who lost their lives.

Year 5

Liverpool Schools’ Concert

The Year 5s had the opportunity to attend this inspirational concert that looks to introduce children to orchestral music in a fun and interactive way.

Year 6

The Railway Museum

Year 6 were studying the evacuation process in World War 2 and had hands on experience of Operation Pied Piper. The had the chance to make their own evacuation kit and discuss how this experience might have affected them.