Learning Support

All children at St. Mary's College Preparatory School are encouraged to take advantage of the numerous opportunities that they have access to. We find that there can be children that have a particular talent in a specific area and we ensure that these children are given more opportunities to develop this. We keep a register of these pupils and our head of Gifted and Talented monitors these children with support from their class teachers and various specialist staff.

Within the classroom setting, differentiation takes place for all pupils but teachers are encouraged to develop mastery of topics with those children who have a particular strength in a subject. Objectives are also not restricted to specific year groups and should children achieve mastery within their year they move on to extended objectives. In the most exceptional cases we do have the flexibility to move a child in to another year group should this be in the best interests of the child. 


Special Educational Needs


Children experiencing particular difficulties in the areas of Literacy and Numeracy are supported by a team of trained staff and teaching assistants. These are coordinated by the Mount SENCO and individual programmes of study are designed for these children. Parents are kept fully informed and involved during the assessment process and during the implementation of any subsequent recommendations. As with all areas of school life, confidence is the key to progress and particulalry with SEN, it is important that all parties handle the process with sensitivity. We are pleased to have had a number of children join us with specific needs and have seen them make outstanding prgress in their time here. 


"The school have identified my child's particular needs and have ensured he has made amazing progress whilst remaining happy and loving school."