Religious Education


The purpose of a Catholic School is the holistic development of each individual as a human person, within a loving Community which is welcoming, forgiving, secure and challenges each to follow Christ in serving others.

With a 2000 year old tradition, the development of each is nutured so that pupils are intellectually challenged, spiritually awakened, and helped to develop a deeper understanding of their faith.

Worship is integral to the life of St. Mary's College Preparatory School and each person can participate in the sacramental life of the school. Our school is inclusive and welcomes pupils of other faith traditions.

We follow 'Come and See', which is a new scheme of work that is taught from Reception to Year 6. In the Autumn term we focus on God our creator, in Spring we look at God our saviour and in the Summer term, God our Spirit. Although all the children work on the same theme, each year group has a different topic exploring different aspects of this theme. 

Additional to their religious lessons, the children participate in daily collective worship. This may be based in class, as a key stage or whole school. From time to time children will bring home a collective worship planning sheet so that they can plan and lead their own collective worship in class.

Children live in a fast changing global world, where communication and travel opens theme to diversity and challenge. It is important that we prepare them for this. Jesus, who is the fullness of God's revelation to humanity, showed respect for those within and outside his own faith community. The Church calls us to be committed to respecting people of other religions and to recognise that God is at work with them. Every year all children will look at different faiths such as Judaism, Hinduism and Islam.

A core principle of our Religious Education teaching is that we are fortunate to be in the position we are and so must look for opportunities to help those less fortunate than ourselves.