Year 4 History

Posted on 10 Jan 2018

Year 4 have been learning about World War Two. The pupils have studied how and why the war began, who was in power during World War Two and they have learnt about the Battle of Dunkirk, the Battle of Britain and D-Day landings. The pupils were very keen to undertake their own research about this important time in the history of our country. During the Christmas holidays, Anna Sugden visited her mother's godfather and she spoke to him about what she has been learning in school. Anna was given a piece of history...his own diary that he had kept throughout WW2. In it he had written every event that happened during the war and kept newspaper clippings. Anna and her classmates have enjoyed reading the 'War Diary' and learning about different events which took place during WW2. To read about unfolding events from first hand recollections has truly brought this subject alive..