Junior Chef Academy

Posted on 24 Nov 2017


We welcomed the Junior Chef Academy to the Prep School recently to deliver a very interesting workshop on ‘Food Miles’.  Using tomatoes from Spain as an example, they were told about the journey the tomatoes take from Spain to Scotland, via plane, Scotland to Yorkshire by road and then distributed, by road, to supermarket chains.  This was compared to a tomato picked in the Chef’s own garden which took him 22 paces by foot to pick! Helping our environment and encouraging our pupils and families to choose foods that are grown locally, ethically sourced and unprocessed is a key message as part of the school’s Food for Life Gold Award programme.

The children also learned about the nutritious content of lots of fruit and vegetables and how important healthy eating is. Using fruit grown on the Wirral, the children, from Reception to Year 6, donned chef's hats and aprons and made a delicious berry brulee.