House System

When a child joins the school they are assigned a 'House' and will have the opportunity to win points for their house over the course of the year. The houses are named Browne, Claremont, Everest and Kimberley. The houses have had these names for over 60 years. Browne takes its name from the very first school chaplain of the College; and the three remaining house names are taken from the roads that surround the College premises. 

In Year 6 a boy and a girl from each house are made house captains and the whole school competes to win the House Cup on Sports Day. Throughout the year each child can receive House Points in recognition of a variety of achievements; whether it be excellent academic work, behaviour around the school or manners when speaking to their friends and adults.

The points are totalled up by each class and the total is on display in the foyer so that the children can see how their house is performing. Every two weeks the House Cup is awarded to a member of the house that is leading on points in recognitions of their overall contribution to school life.  

This system fosters a feeling of team spirit across the year groups and includes every child in the school. It is a pleasure to see the older children working with the younger members of our community in pursuit of a common goal.