School Ambassador Awards


The School Ambassador Award recognises those children who excel in a number of key areas and do so consistently over a period of time.

The Award involves four distinct yet related areas:

Relationships, Behaviour, Learning and Citizenship.

For each area in which a pupil has achieved excellence, he or she is awarded a Bronze Star, then a Silver Star and finally a Gold Star. There is no age restriction for Ambassador Award—children in all year groups can earn the award.

Once all four areas have reached Gold Star completion, the pupil will then be presented with the Ambassador Award—an engraved shield and certificate. The shield can be taken home and kept and a photograph of Award winner will be on display in school to acknowledge that individuals’ success and to encourage other pupils to strive to achieve this prestigious award. Recognition of this award will be given in a special assembly and pupils retain their status as a School Ambassador for the current academic year in which they received it. At the start of each new academic year, they will need to once again demonstrate that they are still achieving a consistently outstanding level in all four areas in order to once again achieve the award.

 This scheme not only aptly acknowledges the pupils at our school who demonstrate excellence in all aspects of their behaviour, but motivates all pupils to live by the school’s values to the highest standards. Those who achieve the award provide a clear model for other children to follow, and through its explicit and clear standards for behaviour, the Ambassador scheme enables all children to gain a firm understanding of the expectations at our school. Since the expectations are higher as children move through the school, there is different criteria for each stage.