Boys Sports Update: 03/10/18 Under 15s beat Merchants

Posted on 03 Oct 2018

Boys Sports Updates 3rd October 2018


Sports Results




Nat West Vase Under 15s

The under 15s beat Merchants Taylors 29-0 in an outstanding victory

Nat West Plate Under 18s

The under 18s lost to Altrincham GS 24-0

The under 16s lost 43-24

The under 15s beat St David’s College, Llandudno 51-0



Block fixture vs Stanley HS

National Cup

Under 12s won 4-1

Under 13s lost 9-0

Under 14s won 8-0


Next week’s fixtures

Tomorrow, the under 16s play Hope Valley School, Chesterfield on the Playstation National Cup and will be back by 5:30-6pm

Saturday fixtures

The under 12 A & B and 1st XV are at Bolton School; 7:55am meet at the main school to return at 1pm

The under 13s, 14s & 15s are at home; 8:55am meet at the field

Next Wednesday the 1st XV play Merchant Taylors in the Nat west Vase at home; a 2:30pm start.



If you have paid the deposit for the Barcelona trip the outstanding payment is £600


All other information is on twitter at @StMaryssport


Regards, Boys PE