End of term: Boys Sports Update 14/12/18; Record breaking Year 10s

Posted on 14 Dec 2018

Boys Sports Reports;      Monday 10th December

As the Saturday block fixtures part of the season comes to an end, we are delighted to report that the Under 15s have become the first age group since the Under 14s of 2007 to go unbeaten across the block fixture part of the season.

The 1st XV have had a great week, beating Rossall 46-5 on Saturday before overcoming Hutton GS in the mud 26-7 on Wednesday to get through to a deserved Lancashire Plate Final. They’ve won 12 of their 15 matches so far.

Elsewhere the Under 14s won 43-0 to finish well thanks to a hat-trick from Spanish student Pablo Barrio who goes home at Christmas. We wish him well; he’s really bought into everything at the school.

The under 13s continue to improve and lost by just one try at the weekend and the Under 12s also lost narrowly. Quite often, as evidenced by this year’s results we continue to close the gap and often surpass opposition schools often losing at the lower age groups before a change of fortune up the age groups and the under 12s & 13s have bundles of ability so watch this space!! The under 14s, 15s and 1st XV are evidence of that so stick at it lads.

Results so far:

Under 12                              9-3-2-3


Rydal                                     drew 45-45

Liverpool College             won 40-0

Bolton School                    lost 35-5

Birkenhead                         lost 30-20

Cowley                                 drew 35-35

Audenshaw                        won 30-20

AKS Lytham                        won 40-20

St Edward’s College         lost 20-15

Ripley St Thomas              lost 20-15


Under 13                              9-1-0-8


Rydal                                     lost 35-19

Liverpool College             won 30-10

Bolton School                    lost 25-10

Birkenhead                         lost 50-0

Cowley                                 lost 40-10

Audenshaw                        lost 55-5

AKS Lytham                        lost 30-20

St Edward’s College         lost 35-25

Ripley St Thomas              lost 15-10


Under 14                              11-6--0-5


Rydal                                     won 35-19

Liverpool College             won 54-22

Bolton School                    won 33-19

Birkenhead                         lost 53-17

Merchant Taylors             lost 23-14

Cowley                                 won 41-12

Audenshaw                        lost 38-26

Manchester GS                 lost 38-17

AKS Lytham                        won 53-29

St Edward’s College         lost 33-12

Ripley St Thomas              won 43-0


Under 15                              11-11-0-0


Rydal                                     won 51-0

Liverpool College             won 51-0

Merchant Taylors             won 29-0

St David’s College             won 51-0

Bolton School                    won 17-15

Birkenhead                         won 19-10

AKS Lytham                        won 47-7

Audenshaw                        won 48-0

AKS Lytham                        won 47-0

Caldy Grange                     won 17-10

Ripley St Thomas              won 40-0




Under 16s                            2-0-0-2


Liverpool College             lost 50-7

Altrinchan GS                     lost 49-21



1st XV                                    15-12-0-3


KWC (Isle of Man)            won 13-7

Rydal                                     won 35-5

Liverpool College             won 29-0

Altrincham GS                   lost 26-0

Merchant Taylors             lost 38-0

St David’s College             won 34-21

Bolton School                    lost 29-20

Birkenhead                         won 26-10

Ripley St Thomas              won 12-0

Audenshaw                        won 51-17

AKS Lytham                        won 31-21

St David’s College             won 29-19

St Edward’s College         won 47-0

Rossall                                  won 46-5

Hutton GS                           won 26-7






All of the Teams in the ESFA SS National Cup are through to the last 16 with the following victories:

Under 12s beat Stretford Grammar School 7-0 and play St Bede’s Manchester in the next round, date tba

Under 14s beat St Bede’s Manchester 3-2 and play Blacon High School, Chester away tomorrow in the next round.

Under 16s beat Lakeland Academy (Shropshire) 5-0 and play Clitheroe RGS on Wednesday in the next round.

Next term, the main sports are Football, Rugby Sevens and cricket preparation and we will forward to you the program once finalised.

Rugby fixtures

The Under 15s play Kirkham GS on Thursday in the Fourth Round of the National Cup. The game starts at 2pm and will be at either Kirkham GS or if wet Preston Grasshoppers.


Games & PE lessons

Next term in Games the pupils are on Football and in PE the pupils are on fitness which may be inside or out so please ensure they have plenty of layers.


Have a lovely Christmas, Boys PE