Boys Sports Update 21/10/16

Posted on 21 Oct 2016

Stonyhurst victory, Sports Nutrition,(ironically) Blind-Wine tasting and a round-up of the fixtures so far.


Congratulations to our Under 15 team who beat Stonyhurst College last week 46-10. This was an outstanding achievement and is a rare win against one of the most prestigious rugby schools in the North of England. They also beat Ripley St Thomas, Lancaster 51-0 to progress in the Lancashire Cup.

On Saturday, the block fixture against St Margarets saw us win two of the three games. The under 12s won 22-15, the under 13s lost 42-17 and the 1st XV won emphatically 69-5.

On Wednesday, despite a strong performance the 1st XV went down 33-22 to a Kirkham GS XV.

Massive congratulations to Finn Brown captain of the Under 14s who has once again been selected for Merseyside at Rugby.

There is a break in fixtures now but immediately after half-term there is a Saturday match every week until December 3rd.

Sports Nutrition

On the first Wednesday back, Gavin Griffiths; one of our current Cricket Professionals who plays for Leicestershire CCC will be running a seminar on Sports Nutrition for all our budding sportsmen and women at 12:30pm in the Library. All are welcome and if parents wish to attend they are too. In an era where all sports now place huge emphasis on conditioning we strongly advise anyone with any sporting ambition at any level to attend.

Blind Wine-Tasting

In conjunction with Catalan wines and as a fund-raiser for the Portugal Rugby tour, we are running a ‘Blind Wine-Tasting’ evening at Waterloo Rugby Club on Saturday 26th November. The cost of tickets will be just £12 and includes all sample wines as well as ‘light refreshments.’ Note a meal is not included so we advise people to eat in advance.

The evening will start at 7:30pm and we hope as many as possible, whether your children are on the tour or not can attend what promises to be a fun evening involving quizzes and other fun. It would be great also to see some former students on the night.

All who attend will be given a discount code for Catalan wines which will be valid until Christmas.

Tickets are available from the office immediately after half-term. On the evening The Raffle Prizes shall also be drawn.

Golf at Formby Golf-Centre

Year 7, 8 & 9 had a fabulous end to the half-term of Golf with a trip to Formby Golf Centre. All the pupils either experienced the Driving Range or had 9 holes on the pitch and Putt and had a fantastic time. Some pictures are available on the school twitter @Stmaryssport.

Fixtures so far

Results 2016-7


Under 12                                                         Under 13

V West Hill HS won 40-5                                                                V West Hill HS won 51-12

V Rydal Penrhos won 20-15                                         V Rydal Penrhos won 50-10

V Birkdale HS won 45-35                                                V Ripley St Thomas lost 50-0

V Ripley St Thomas lost 35-5                                        V St Margaret’s lost 42-17

V St Margaret’s won 22-15

Under 14                                                         Under 15

V West Hill HS won 24-21                                              V West Hill HS won 53-7

V Rydal Penrhos won 36-12                                         V Rydal Penrhos won 57-23

V Birkdale won 44-22                                                      V Ripley St Thomas won 51-0

V Ripley St Thomas lost 24-22                                      V Stonyhurst won 46-10

V Stonyhurst College lost 36-5

1st XV

V Rydal Penrhos lost 33-14

V King William College, Isle of Man, lost 42-5

V St Margarets won 69-5

Vs Kirkham GS XV lost 33-22



Under 12

V Maghull HS lost 7-6

V St Michael’s won 8-0

Under 13

V Range HS won 1-1 aet (won 3-1 on pens)

Under 14

V St Michael’s lost 6-2

Under 15

V Maghull HS lost 1-0


Have a good half-term, Boys PE