Educating the Whole Child

Encouraging academic excellence is of course a fundamental part of our work, but St. Mary’s College is also renowned for the way the school works to develop the whole child.

Our aim, in a friendly yet challenging environment, is to discover and nurture talent in all fields, and to maximise the potential of all our pupils in terms of their intellectual, cultural, physical, moral and spiritual development.

So at St. Mary’s the focus is not just on facts and examinations, but on the understanding of knowledge, and equipping pupils with skills and values that will guide and support them throughout their lives.

As part of this process, we highlight the importance of:

  • Challenge – having a go at everything and excelling at something.
  • Initiative – anticipating problems, offering solutions and developing leadership.
  • Team work – developing the social skills to co-operate and achieve more together than can be achieved individually.

Our commitment to the holistic development of our pupils is supported by an extensive and outstanding programme of extra-curricular opportunities.