Duke of Edinburgh Award

Award Unit Leader:

Ms A. Mueller 


Mrs L Miles

Mrs M Wright

Pupils have the opportunity to apply for the the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme on entering Year 9.

There are three levels:

  • Bronze – age 14 & over
  • Silver – age 15 & over
  • Gold – age 16 & over

Pupils may either progress through all three levels or begin at Silver according to their age. Expeditions are organised and assessed by teachers with the appropriate qualifications and experience.

Each level has four sections:

  • Volunteering – helping others
  • Physical – a sport or physical activity
  • Skills – developing a skill or learning a new skill
  • Expedition – practice expeditions and qualifying expeditions. At each level the length of these expeditions varies.

The training and preparation for the expeditions takes place in lunchtime sessions.

This all sounds a lot to do but you have a year to complete the requirements. You can make it great fun, especially the expeditions, and at the end you have a certificate recognised all over the world which tells people that you can organise your time, stick to a course, be part of a team and have a liking for adventure.