Examination Results


As one of the North West's leading academic schools, our public examination results are consistently amongst the best in the area, both at GCSE and A Level.

We are proud of the high percentage of passes our students achieve at the top grades, and also of the rigour and breadth of our curriculum.

Here is a summary of our 2019 examination results:


2019 Examination Results: 

  • Our A Level candidates recorded at 99% pass rate in the key examinations with more than a third of students (34%) achieving three or more A*, A or B grades
  • More than a quarter (27%) of all A Level passes were A*/A grades, and well over half (59%) were at the three highest A*, A or B grades, up from 57% last year and 52% in 2017
  • Top of the class at St. Mary's this summer was Adam Bennett with four A* passes in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
  • At GCSE almost a third (30%) of all passes were at the highest 9-7 / A*-A grades, and almost a quarter of candidates (23%) achieved seven or more passes at these top levels
  • Almost two thirds of students (62%) recorded ten or more GCSE passes, with many achieving 12 GCSEs, reflecting the broad and balanced curriculum at St. Mary's and the fact that we do not restrict the number of GCSE subjects students can take
  • Our 'super six' students Abigail Amara, Jesse Amara, Amy Denn, Hope Brown, Laura Kearns and Atsayan Sachchin achieved an astonishing 72 GCSE passes between them, 63 of which were at the highest possible 9-7 / A*-A grades
  • Star performer Atsayan Sachchin achieved the top 9-7 / A*-A grades in all 12 of his GCSEs, including eight 9 grades