Extended Learning


St. Mary’s College encourages the development of the full potential of all of its students.

A student may be defined as being in the top 5% of Ability across the country and be on the College’s Able, Gifted and Talented Register.

If the “Gift” is not developed then it remains mere potential.

All students are interested in something.

All achievement comes from an interest which is encouraged and sustained by regular effort.

The College aims to encourage the potential of all students in a programme of Extended Learning which includes:

  • Extended Learning sheets from each department for each year group or module
  • A dedicated Extended Learning section on the VLE not only for each department but also for tips and advice on Study Skills, Independent Learning and the like
  • Tasks for further thinking within lessons, within home works and tasks that extend across a number of lessons and home works
  • Cross curricular activities.
  • Independent Learning Days.

St. Mary’s College uses the expertise and enthusiasm of its staff to encourage its students.

We also recognise and hope that our students and their parents can also bring areas of expertise themselves and help to develop further programmes.