Value Added


St. Mary's College has a great track record in improving the academic performance of pupils, regularly achieving in the top 5% nationally for 'value added', a measure of quality reflecting the extent to which the educational experience enhances pupils' knowledge, abilities, skills and performance at public examinations beyond predicted levels.

GCSE predictions are based on aptitude tests which pupils take at the start of Year 7 (MidYIS) and Year 10 (YELLIS). A Level predictions are based on pupils' GCSE results.

Predictions are used as a guide only and they are by no means a ceiling. In fact, you could say that to us and our pupils, they represent a target to beat!

We are very proud of the fact that our pupils regularly outperform their grade predictions, sometimes by as much as 3 grades, i.e. C predicted, A* achieved.

Please click here to see the examples of Lily and Matthew, who were two of our top performing GCSE candidates in 2016, in terms of their value added scores.