Lunchtime Menu

The lunchtime menus can be accessed by clicking on the link below.


College lunchtime menu


Water is available each day with lunch.
Milk is available each day.
Fruit juice is served each day.
Fruit is served in addition to pudding.
All-in-one and brown bread is available each day.
Sausages/burgers are prepared sourced from the local butcher.
Additional vegetarian choice can be available if requested.
Meat for sandwiches is freshly cooked from the local butcher.
Sandwiches can be pre-ordered at break to accommodate special requirements.
Cold pasta salad is available each day in individual serving bowls. 



Responsible sourcing


All of our dishes such as cottage pie, lasagne etc. are made in-house with fresh meat sourced from local butchers. Turkey and ham are purchased from the same suppliers, either as whole joints or meat cooked on their premises.