School Uniform


Uniform shop opening hours:

Tuesday: 8am – 5.30pm (open throughout the day, including lunchtime)

Thursday: 12pm – 5.30pm

If you are unable to access the shop during these hours please call Mrs Inman on 0151 932 6339 or the school office on 0151 924 3926 to arrange a mutually convenient time to visit the shop.

We would be grateful if families joining the school who require an entire new uniform could allow plenty of time for their order to be processed. The uniform shop is open throughout the day on Tuesdays (8am - 5.30pm, including lunchtime) and for a further 5,5 hours on Thursday afternoons (12pm - 5.30pm) so please make full use of the times available. If you do need to visit the shop towards the end of our opening hours, please ensure you arrive at least one hour before closing time.

All items of school uniform and Games/PE kit should be clearly marked with the pupil's full name.

The uniform shop stocks a small quantity of the main Kukri sports kit items. This means pupils will be able to try on items for size and - if the correct size is in stock - you will be able to purchase these items straightaway.

If any items are not in stock, you will be able to order these through the uniform shop by completing an order form. Please note there will still be a waiting time of up to three weeks but – having had the opportunity to try items on in the uniform shop – the risk of ordering incorrect sizes should be greatly reduced.

The Kukri website will still be available for direct orders, including additional items not part of the official school uniform.


*available only at the College

**available to order via the uniform shop or online at:


Lower and Middle School 
Girls Boys
School blazer* School blazer*
School tie*  School tie* 
White long sleeve blouse / white revered collar blouse in summer White long sleeve shirt
Navy school skirt worn on or below the knee* Trousers - standard grey or black
Navy v-neck jumper Grey v-neck jumper
Black shoes Black shoes - not boots, suede or canvas
Navy tights or knee length sock Navy or black coat without logos
Navy or black coat without logos  


Uniform Rules
 Girls Boys
Lower School tie must have 7 full blue stripes showing. Middle School tie must have the school crest  showing. Lower School tie must have 7 full blue stripes showing. Middle School tie must have the school crest  showing.
No jewellery is to be worn. A watch is permitted.  No jewellery is to be worn. A watch is permitted.  
Hair should be well groomed. Long hair is to  be tied back. Hair accessories must be black, navy or maroon. Hair colour must be natural.   Hair must be worn above the collar and be well groomed. Hair colour must be natural and shaved heads are not permitted.
Make up is not permitted