Admissions Process




On enquiry, an information pack will be given/ sent to prospective parents and an introductory visit will be arranged. This will enable parents to meet with staff and explore the surroundings of the nursery.

  • Management will inform parents on all aspects of the nursery, and will answer any questions parents may have.
  • Our prospectus contains all the forms necessary for registration with a Parent Information Letter.  Please read through these carefully and contact us if you have any other queries or concerns.


About Our Nursery

  • The nursery is open between the hours of 7:00 am and 6:00pm Monday to Friday, 51 weeks a year excluding public holidays and between Christmas and New Year.
  • St. Mary’s is an inclusive setting and does not discriminate against applicants because of race, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation or social background of which it is aware, subject to its obligation and will make reasonable adjustments not to put any disabled pupil, potential pupil or their parents at a substantial disadvantage compared to any pupil who is not disadvantaged because of disability.
  • All reasonable and appropriate adjustments will be made to provide prospective pupils with the full opportunity to demonstrate their potential. In assessing any pupil or prospective pupil, the Early Years Department may take such advice and require such assessments as it regards as appropriate in consultation with parents.  In this context the Early Years Department will be sensitive to the need for confidentiality.


Waiting List

  • If our nursery is full or a department is full, you may register your child for a place later i.e. if the Toddler Room is full then parents can register for the next room up.  In the meantime, you may join our waiting lists.  These are updated regularly and if you have children in The Mount or St. Mary’s College then you will take priority.
  • When a place becomes available within a suitable age group, parents of a child at the top of the waiting list will be contacted and offered a place.  
  • If parents are notified of a place then they will be asked to return the necessary documentation and registration fee and deposit within a certain time frame, usually 1 week, in order to secure the place.
  • Parents will be informed of their place on the waiting lists. However if parents no longer require a place on our waiting list we ask that they inform us.


Registering a Place at our Nursery

  • Once you are informed that there is a place available for your child then please return your child’s Attendance Form, together with the Registration Form, a £40.00 registration fee, a £60.00 deposit and contact details. A letter will be sent to you confirming receipt of your registration and a member of staff from the appropriate department will then arrange visits for your child and a tour of the nursery.
  • It is essential that you complete and return your child’s contact and information forms before your child starts in the nursery. This allows for staff to be aware of your child’s needs, including dietary and medical needs.
  • All children’s details must be kept up to date, especially emergency contact numbers or work circumstances. Forms are sent home regularly for this purpose.
  • Parents and staff will work in partnership to ensure the child’s welfare and needs are monitored.
  • If your starting date is delayed for a period of over one calendar month, your deposit will not be refunded against your first invoice.