Curriculum - Infants


When children join us in Reception they start an infant programme that strives to offer each child the best possible grounding in the basics of education. Numeracy and Literacy take priority in the reception working day and children are offered numerous opportunities to develop their basic skills in number, reading and writing. A key priority is the development of the children’s technical reading skills and comprehension of language.

Children at St. Mary's College Preparatory School are encouraged to reach their personal excellence in all areas of the curriculum and we believe a solid foundation in reading gives them the best opportunity of achieving academically over the course of their school life.

Children in Reception have daily phonics sessions that follow a mixture of Letters & Sounds and Jolly Phonics. As with all parts of our curriculum, teachers are not restricted to these programmes and are encouraged to develop teaching resources with their class specifically in mind. As with phonics, the children have daily opportunities to develop their understanding of the number system and their exercise books are a great example of how quickly they progress in this area with regular opportunities to explore this keystone of mathematics.


"Pupils show excellent skills in reading and writing, and use these skills well across the curriculum to enhance their learning."

Inspection 2017