Curriculum - Juniors


As our children move in to the Junior section of their prep schooling our aim is to continue to use a child’s desire to learn in order to encourage them to strive for their own personal excellence. To do this we have developed a three pronged curriculum – Core, Broad and Specialist. Our Core curriculum consists of Maths, English, Science and RE. Broad of History, Geography, Art, Design and Drama; and Specialist of Music, PE and MFL. The children understand that they have core sessions that teach them skills that increase their chances of performing academically to a very high standard. The ‘theme’ based broad sessions look to develop the children’s love of learning and to see that there is awe to be found in so many different areas, whether it be a topic on Africa or Japan, or one on Ancient Greek Civilisation or Nelson Mandela. Our PE, MFL and Music sessions are delivered by specialist teachers who ensure the children are given the highest standard of teaching in these areas. 

We are proud to say that the junior pupils at The Mount are capable of producing KS2 results in Mathematics and English that far surpass any national average, whilst also developing skills that make them more rounded learners as they move in to secondary education.

Here at St. Mary's College Preparatory School we are more than aware that it is these formative years that can have the biggest impact on a child’s attitude to learning moving forward and it is vital that their attitude to achieving is developed. It is this thought that is central to all of the work that goes on in our curriculum. It is always pleasing for us to see our children go on to achieve at secondary level, and of course many of those children return here on outreach programmes to talk to our children about the benefits of developing the right attitude to education. 


"The curriculum is outstanding in meeting pupils’ needs."

Inspection 2015